Life In Observation: Music Cues, Volumes # 1 - 4

Welcome to bFrog®’s “The Cuts”.  Here you will be able to find, audition, purchase, and license plug-and-play tracks from the album, Life In Observation
 The tracks that are available range from 00:05 seconds to 2:00 minutes. There are variations for each cut with and without drums and percussion. The track titles include the length and variation. 

bFrog’s website, especially the music cues pages, is a place for creative directors, music supervisors, game developers, producers, editors, directors, and web/YouTube content creators seeking to license high quality music for their audio-visual productions.  DJs can find cuts with or without beats to accentuate mixes. 

 This is an online music distribution and licensing platform for the music cues from bFrog and the album Life In Observation.  These carefully crafted songs and cues are designed for efficiency when adding music to your project.



FV = Full Version - All instruments from the original track are included.  

ND = No Drums. 
NLG = No Lead Guitar. 
NE = No Explosion. 
KB1 = With KickBass Sound. 

Individual track ISRC numbers are located by clicking the track’s INFO button.

All cuts can be purchased and downloaded for personal enjoyment. 
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 can be contacted by clicking the bFrog® email link.

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