bFrog®, (Robert P. “Frog” Matthews Jr.), is a multi-instrumentalist/composer, fuses elements of funk, rock and electronica to create imaginative grooves and movements. He’s where rock meets jazz. Influenced by the likes of Hendrix, Clinton, Dre, Cobham, Coltrane, Floyd and Zeppelin, he creates a musical amalgamation from what he’s been hearing over the years, maturing through discovering diverse people and places. 

 The Southern Californian works the drums and percussion with technical rhythms and rolling fills, playing tightly with a thick gripping bass. A group of moving guitars, layered with abstracting keys and electronic sounds, finishes a distinct and unique ensemble. 

 bFrog’s career as a professional production sound mixer spans almost 25 years on numerous notable television shows and series. He has been part of 5 Emmy nominations for “Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Variety Series Or Special” for the television show, The Voice, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. 

 June 26, 2017, bFrog released the instrumental album, Life In Observation, through music digital download and streaming sites. In 2019, he released Life In Observation: The Cuts Volumes #1-4 for use in multi-media productions.

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