The Cuts, Vol. #3, P.1-3  

These cuts are a breakdown from the original song, “Sweet And Sinister”.  There are 206 tracks over 3 albums varying in time and composition.  

These tracks are being offered as 16bit, 48kHz wav files here on the bFrog® website.  

24bit, 48kHz aiff files can be delivered via SoundCloud to SoundCloud subscribers or email bFrog®, and a file can be emailed to customers only with your purchase here at the bFrog® website. 



FV = Full Version - All instruments from the original track are included.    

ND = No Drums.     
NE = No Explosion.   

Individual track ISRC numbers are located by clicking the track’s INFO button.

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Publisher:  TuneCore:  

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Cool Floor Breeze

Cool Floor Breeze

Attack On Today

Attack On Today

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